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    Improve Nutrition; Improve Productivity

    Posted by Miranda Hawk on Aug 13, 2018 10:31:16 AM

    On any given morning, you will see me walking into the office with 3 drinks. My morning 'green drink,' collagen laced coffee, and a huge bottle of lemon water. Needless to say, I take nutrition a bit serious. In my free time, I enjoy studying health & nutrition and geeking out to anyone who will listen. Today, I'm excited to geek out with you, but in a way that can benefit you in your professional life!

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    Ready. Set. Recalibrate.

    Posted by Rachel Graves on Jul 6, 2018 9:01:31 AM

    As a business consultant, my work involves helping businesses assess and solve problems, to put it simply. Broadly speaking, I find effective solutions for them to redefine their status quo. To do this successfully, consultants have their unique set of tools to challenge and guide businesses. These include steering businesses to be introspective in order to perform an accurate current state assessment, to gain focus and continually refocus on a vision, and to implement incremental, strategic changes in order to break the bad habits that are preventing them from reaching their goals.

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