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    Ping Pong Tables Don't Define Culture

    Posted by Angela Wurtenberger on Feb 20, 2020 2:48:07 PM

    White Minimal For Men Travel Twitter PostYou’ve probably seen the topic of workplace culture everywhere. There are articles written about it, podcasts devoted to it, employers tout their culture to new hires and there are awards given to companies for having the “best place to work."  What exactly is culture? At Brixey & Meyer, we say we have a great workplace culture, but what does that really mean?

    We have:

    • A new beautiful office space in Mt. Adams with spectacular views
    • Open workspaces
    • Flexible work hours
    • Work from home privileges
    • A work/life balance
    • Ping pong table
    • Popcorn machine

    Are all these things great? Yes! Is this “culture?" No! Any company can have these things because these are all things that can be provided or purchased. 

    Culture is more important. Culture is defined as “values and behaviors that contribute to the social and psychological environment of a business." At Brixey & Meyer, our culture is one of respect, support and admiration. Helping each other and cheering each other on to meet the common goal of the business and goals of our team. Our culture is accepting people as they are, including sharing successes and failures. It is knowing we are all human and having similar life experiences yet supporting that everyone has their own unique story and path. It is believing in our team and giving them freedom to succeed in their own way by supporting their strengths. It is working as a team and knowing that someone else’s successes do not make yours any less. We all work together to achieve our personal and professional goals. It is being genuine in interviews and client meetings and bringing your full self to the table in order to help our employees and clients succeed and living our mission to “have a positive impact on the people of our firm and the clients we serve." 

    I am proud to represent our organization and speak to clients and potential team members about what we provide. I believe our culture develops a positive workplace experience and happy employees, which then in turn makes us the provider of choice for our clients.

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