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    Cookies, Staplers, and Intentional Design: On-boarding Done Right (Part 3 of 3)

    Posted by Steve Black on Sep 26, 2019 8:37:37 AM

    Part 3

    On-boarding CANNOT end on day One. There are too many opportunities for a new hire to stumble and ultimately lose their Day One excitement. HR MUST take the lead in ensuring a new hire’s transition is successful and that obstacles are removed. 

    In my previous articles, I shared the importance of a high-quality on-boarding program. When a company risks 20% turnover within the first 90 days of employment, successful on-boarding is not just a nicety; it is a necessity! 

    Days 30, 60, 90, 180, 365: Ensure a Smooth Transition

    1.      Conduct HR Check-ins at Key Milestones (30, 60, 90 day, 6 Months, 1 Year) and Share Feedback with Hiring Managers

    New employees need ongoing support during their first year. One way to better ensure that they receive what they need is to have someone check in on a regular basis. This should be a transparent conversation. The new hire should be able to voice excitements, concerns, and frustrations. Oftentimes, a new hire voices concerns regarding not having the necessary tools to do the job. These are easy wins! The organization can quickly provide such tools, and the new employee sees a culture characterized by clear communication and a willingness to support employees. Such check-ins should focus upon the following: areas of success, areas of concern, likes and dislikes, and evaluating the on-boarding/training received. Identify small issues early keeps them from growing and becoming major problems. It is amazing how many small issues become major concerns. So many of these can be remedied early in an employee’s tenure. 

    Day 365: Celebrate!

    2.      Recognize Success

    Reflection is a good thing. At the one-year mark, organizations should intentionally point out what the new hire did well. Not only does this show appreciation but also provides instruction in behaviors that should be continued. Often, people reflect upon their job and career at such milestones. Employers can solidify an employee’s decision to stay long-term when success is recognized. Too often, organizations overlook, forget, or ignore milestones. Most employees, though, do not. This can be a missed opportunity by an employer to recognize achievements and set new goals. 

    At the one-year mark, most employees know whether they see a long-term fit or if it is time to explore other opportunities. By creating a solid and meaningful on-boarding experience, organizations can reduce the risk of losing top talent. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes money. BUT, the time and money it takes to replace an amazing employee far exceeds that of some proactive and intentional on-boarding efforts. 

    So, go find a stapler, some company swag, and invest in your new hires. These go a long way to create a great relationship between your employee and your company!  


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