First Steps in Selecting the Right Business Technology

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The RIGHT business software can be transformational when carefully selected and implemented, but the WRONG business software can crush morale, jeopardize organizational goals and create a resource-sucking vacuum. So, how can you take the first steps in the RIGHT direction?

1.) Nail down executive sponsorship. More so than any other factor, large-scale technology projects sink or float depending on the level of involvement and support from executives. Replacing a core business system strikes a number of heavy organizational chords; it is a financial investment, a resource commitment, an impact to the overall operating model, and requires careful alignment with corporate goals and objectives. Executives must understand all this, instill confidence in the vision and support the project team at every turn. 

2.) Drive the project from the business, not IT. IT must fully understand the impact on technological architecture and support model, but it is up to the business to determine the right fit for the organization and operating model. Achieving the intended impacts on the operating model will ultimately be delivered by business units and leaders, not IT. 

3.) Set out to optimize your operating model, not just "get better" in certain areas. You must evaluate and understand how a technology solution not only meets specific business functions, but how it can be deployed to maximize the impact on their operating model. What are you hoping to achieve with your people and processes? A technology solution that maximizes "overlap" with people will allow for value-added activities like data analysis that provides greater insight in to performance and vision. Technology that maximizes "overlap" with process will create automation and lead to greater operational efficiency.


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