Updated Ohio TechCred Program Open AGAIN!

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The Ohio TechCred Program is open again and employers once again DO NOT have to identify specific employees (current and/or prospective employees) on the application this round. The employees will need to be identified when filing for reimbursement. This makes the program much more flexible for employers that know what credentials/trainings will be needed but are not sure which employees will be receiving those credentials/trainings!

As a reminder, if your company is providing technical trainings that may meet the eligibility requirements mentioned below, we are happy to start working with you on your application. This program is not a first come, first served program. The acceptance of your application will be based upon need and a points system developed by the state, and applications will need to be submitted before October 31, 2020, for this round. Let’s get started on your data gathering for the application now!

What employers are eligible? Any Ohio registered employer that employs Ohio resident W-2 employees is eligible to apply. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are encouraged to apply. Only one application will be accepted per company and a request for reimbursement is capped at $30,000 per eligible employer.

What employees will be eligible for training reimbursement? Current and prospective W-2 employees that are Ohio residents with verifiable Ohio addresses. TechCred relates to your training spend from September 1, 2020 through February 28, 2022. Applications accepted for this October 2020 round will likely be accepted in late November or December 2020.

What trainings are eligible?

  • Short-term training (one year or less, less than 30 credit hours or 900 clock hours),
  • Industry-recognized (significant for your industry) training,
  • Technology-focused trainings are eligible.
  • Training may be provided by private training providers, technical centers, universities, and community colleges.
  • An employer may be reimbursed for tuition, lab fees, manuals, textbooks and certification costs, up to $2,000 per credential.
  • Approved credentials include those received for Adobe, AutoCad, CISCO, CIW, CNC Programming, CompTIA, Drone Technology, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Python, Siemens, Web Design trainings... and the list goes on. Run your credential trainings by us to find out if they are on the approved list or can get onto the approved list!

Do you think your company may be eligible to apply and receive reimbursement for trainings based upon the information above? If so, please feel free to reply to this email or contact Kari Brooke at (513) 675-0848 or kari.brooke@brixeyandmeyer.com to discuss how we can help you with any questions about the Ohio TechCred Program.

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