Ryan Hawk's Book, WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT, is Here!

On January 28th we hosted ~100 people to celebrate the official launch of WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT, written by our Leadership Advisory practice leader, Ryan Hawk. Welcome to Management is currently Amazon's #1 New Release in Workplace Culture. A Forbes article calls it the "The Best Leadership Book of 2020." He's received great press on launch week with articles being published on reputable platforms for his writing routines and processes that have helped him produce high level work.

Ryan shared his vision for the book, "My goal is to help accelerate your leadership education. I want you to be better able to make great decisions and to avoid some of the mistakes that I made as a first-time manager. Bad leadership is a costly epidemic. This book is part of my contribution to help eradicate that in whatever way I can."

The book is targeted to:

  • New managers transitioning from individual contributor roles.
  • Experienced executives seeking guidance in navigating rocky terrain, mentoring rising leaders, or improving team engagement and retention.
  • Young professionals interested in moving to a leadership role.
  • Entrepreneurs planning to grow their business and expand their teams.

If you desire to be a more effective leader for the important people in your life (your family, your colleagues, your friends), then this book will help you. And if you've received value from Ryan's podcast over the past five years, we are certain you'll get value from WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT.

This video gives you an inside peek into the book...


Want a copy? The best way to purchase is...

  • Amazon -- We really appreciate you writing review on Amazon. Doing so as a "verified buyer" is very helpful!
  • Barnes & Noble 
  • Bulk Books - Purchasing more than 10 copies...then this option is for you! 
    • If you are a leader of an organization and are curious about Ryan attending your next leadership meeting, we'd be happy to discuss keynote opportunities. You can gain more info and fill out the form here.

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Finally, thank you to our photographer,  Full Frame, our videographer, Agape Media, and our sketch artist, Brandon Black with Drawnversation. You are incredible to partner with and helped us create and capture an amazing launch! 

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