Ryan Hawk Interviews Our Founders In A LIVE Recording Of The Learning Leader Show

On September 10th we hosted over 100 business professionals from across the region for a LIVE  recording of The Learning Leader Show.  Ryan Hawk interviewed our founders, Doug Meyer & Dave Brixey, to get a true look into the makings of our amazing firm.

Here are some of the topics discussed and pictures from the night!

  • Why our founders chose to leave Ernst & Young and start their own firm 17 years ago
  • Their competitiveness with each other and how that has benefited the firm and their clients
  • Giving each other the freedom to fail
  • The respect they have for each other
     "Doug is a moral and ethical giant. I admire and trust him completely."
  • What prompted them to make ABC decisions. A decisions, we would make together. B decisions, we could make independently. And C decisions, our team would make.
  • Learning how to become excellent leaders as the firm has grown from 2 to 70+ team members
  • Having an A+ team
    "We want to be surrounded by people who care. That translates to the non-traditional relationship. We build real relationships and provide real value."
  • The most important clients to serve are the team members of Brixey & Meyer
  • The Brixey & Meyer hiring process and the key qualities needed to thrive at Brixey & Meyer
  • The importance of clear communication
  • Taking measured risks & how to make tough decisions
    "Dave was more risk tolerant and I was more risk adverse in the beginning. This helped push me way out of my comfort zone, and I valued that"

We are excited to share the full episode, so stay tuned!

Thank you to our amazing partnerships that helped us create and host such an incredible event:

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If you attended the event and would like a copy of any individual pictures, please email Nicole Kelly at nkelly@brixeyandmeyer.com 

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