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    Burning Off Stress After Busy Season: Dayton Sportcial

    Posted by Matt Dickert on Jun 5, 2019 12:36:26 PM

    As a tax manager, "busy season" is both demanding and time consuming.  So, what do I do to burn off stress after busy season? 

    In 2018, I was looking to find a new sports team or group to join for something fun to do outdoors outside of work. In most of the previous summers, I used to play on a volleyball team with a few coworkers but was looking for something different to try.

    Through word of mouth at a young professional’s event, I heard of Dayton Sportcial. Playing off the love that people had for Sports growing up and Socializing they “created” the portmanteau Sportcial. The organization puts on a wide variety of events and leagues throughout the year but the one that was most interesting to me was kickball. As a child, I always enjoyed the experience of playing outside with my brother and sisters and this seemed like a good opportunity to try to do that as an adult.

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    We play each Thursday throughout most of the summer months in a league of about 6 teams for 8 weeks. Games last about an hour and then there is a happy hour at a local bar/restaurant afterwards with bar games for teams to partake in. And a fun fact I have heard is that the calories you burn in an hour of playing kickball are equal to or greater than the calories that are then consumed eating appetizers and drinking a beer after :).

    It has been a great opportunity to meet new people, since the first session we played in my wife and I knew no one else on our team of 12 and now we have played with most of the same group for two additional sessions. I highly recommend it or something similar for those looking to get outside and run around with the benefit of meeting new people. I am not as young as I used to be and definitely notice that it takes a couple of days to recover from running around the bases, but the experience and the camaraderie makes it all worthwhile.

    You can learn more about Dayton Sportcial HERE.

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