10 Reasons We Will Miss Tax Season

As Bean Counters, each year there is a season we endure that is not associated with weather.  

This season is called Tax Season, also known in our profession as "Busy Season."  ...for good reason!

One would think that all Bean Counters are counting down those 105 days of glory...but remember, "we aren't your average bean counters."  Long hours, copious amounts of caffeine, and a ticking timeline has nothing on our team...we will MISS tax season.

There are dozens of reasons, but today we are narrowed it down to 10 Reasons We Will  Miss Tax Season, in no particular order!

  • Donuts on Saturdays
  • Saturday’s donuts on Monday
  • Saturday’s peaceful drive to and from work
  • Leaving the office in the darkness of night. Who really wants to enjoy Spring?
  • Spending evenings with the cleaning crew, who you now see more than your family
  • Having the best excuse to not make plans- “Sorry, I’m working late”
  • Having an excuse to eat out- no time to cook every night
  • Never being upset about bad weather- we are inside during the hours it matters
  • Spending EVERY Saturday with co-workers

Although we WILL miss Tax Season, we always take the time to celebrate when it is over.  This year, our team headed to Topgolf in West Chester to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, to be with great company, and to try out the new attraction....which we highly recommend!

It was a great celebration, even though a few of us were having withdraws from not being in the office during daylight hours. Here's a few pics we managed to snap of our smiling faces!



So long Tax Season, Cheers to a Great 2017!


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