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    How To Hire A Great Leader

    Posted by Ryan Hawk on Jan 11, 2018 9:33:44 AM

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    I've worked for large international corporations for 12 years in leadership roles and interviewed more than 500 candidates for a variety of positions during that time. I've also interviewed 250+ of the brightest leadership minds in the world on my podcast, The Learning Leader Show I am on a mission to understand how we all can sustain excellence over an extended period of time. 

    A good friend recently asked me for advice:

    "Ryan, I am in the process of hiring a few management positions. I have eight candidates lined up. What questions do you ask to hire great leaders?"

    You can read the full article HERE. It focuses on:

    • The art of the interview
    • Knowing what you're looking for
    • Understanding why you're asking every question that you do 

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