"Why Did I Choose Brixey & Meyer?"

MY STORY_-1Change is difficult. Change in responsibilities, change in routines, change in priorities. Sometimes with change comes excitement, new opportunities, and a renewed focus on life. I recently went through a big change, I left a company that had been home for me for 13 years, with life-long friends, to shift my career from corporate accounting to public accounting with Brixey & Meyer. 

I’ve always recommended to co-workers I mentor that networking is important and investing the time to build and maintain bridges will pay off. But until I needed those bridges, I didn’t realize how important those infrastructures would be for me. 

When I started considering a change for myself, I spent time networking with individuals I had worked with and who were my mentors from years past. I had drinks and lunches with colleagues who had made changes in their careers to listen to their progression and what advice they had for me. The paths each person had taken each taught me a little more about what I wanted in my future. 

Your professional network is important, but your personal/family network is just as important as these are the people that you see every day when you leave the office. Your personal network can be a significant other, friends, extended family and even your kids. In deciding to change careers I had many discussions with my wife and kids. The simple question asked by a kid, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” really makes you stop, think, and reflect. Reflecting beyond the what do I want to be, I started to consider where do I want to be?   

In my conversations with my network I came to realize that people found satisfaction not solely in what they are doing but who they are doing work with.

Why did I choose Brixey & Meyer? The people. The advice from my professional network and family was that you need to trust and enjoy being around co-workers. The people you work with make each day enjoyable or miserable. In my first few months I have met many great people and found much joy in going to work each day. Everyone cares about our clients, each other, and even extends to the community. I look forward to the future as the people at Brixey & Meyer create a wonderful opportunity for me to learn, build a professional career in public accounting, give back to the community and fosters relationships with clients that grow as their business and personal lives change.    


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