Brixey & Meyer's Snow Day Fun!

Since a lot of our team worked from home last week due to weather, we decided to have some snow day fun! ❄️ B&M team members shared pictures of their WFH Co-Workers and we are still soaking up all the cuteness! Who would you want to work with? 

Jeff Bruner - Willow






Jeff B. worked with WILLOW









Andy Detling - Vinny




Andy D. worked with VINNY







Alex Hearn




Alex H. worked with future CPA, COLLIN







Carla - Ruby K




Carla R. worked with RUBY K







Jessica Truax - Ash




Jessica T. worked with ASH







Paige Buchanroth - Hudson





Paige B. worked with HUDSON






Rachel Shirley 3





Rachel S. worked with POE & PASCAL






Angie Wurtenberger - Max & Sam





Angie W. worked with MAX & SAM






Lisa Cloyd - Snickers


Lisa C. worked with SNICKERS




Lily Morgan - Harley Rose





Lily M. worked with HARLEY ROSE






Jacob Meyer - Milo





Jacob M. worked with MILO






Jon Trunk - Penny and Claire





Jon T. worked with PENNY & CLARE






Jennifer Hammonds - Storm





Jennifer H. worked with STORM






Brian Knapp - Pups



Brian K. worked with SIMBA, NALA, & SCAR




Becky Kolkmeier - Rex





Becky K. worked with REX






James Trevino - Boots



James T. worked with BOOTS




Nikki Puthoff - Toby




Nikki P. worked with TOBY





Kaitlyn Evans - Coopy





Kaitlyn E. worked with COOPY







Logan Miller - Finn





Logan M. worked with FINN






Josie Peters - Karma


Josie P. worked with KARMA




Nicole Kelly - Willow 1





Nicole K. worked with WILLOW






David McGillivary 1








David M. worked with JACK



David McGillivary 2











Jeff Kujawa - Josie and Louie




Jeff K. worked with JOSIE & LOUIE





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