Announcing Our New Joint Venture with RiskVersity

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We are pleased to announce that we have formed a joint venture with RiskVersity effective April 2021.

The new company, CyberSure LLC, is a minority owned cyber risk advisory firm that provides experts to assist clients in identifying, quantifying and mitigating cyber risks.

CyberSure’s services include Fractional CISO, IT Audit and Compliance, Incident Planning & Response, Vendor Cyber Risk Management and more. The company has extensive experience with public entities, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.

“We are excited to create this joint venture with RiskVersity. Brixey and Meyer is focused on driving value for our clients and there is an increasing demand for these services. Our team has worked with Laurence in many capacities over the years and admire his tenacity and passion. I am very excited to partner with him and Chris on this joint venture to have a positive impact in the region.” - Doug Meyer | CEO, Brixey & Meyer

“We share the excitement and are thrilled about working with Brixey & Meyer. We think this partnership is going to be an accelerant to CyberSure’s growth because of our companies’ existing client base.” - Christopher Holmes | CEO & Co-Founder, RiskVersity

“Cyber risk is growing exponentially with more devices connected to the internet and employees working from home. We want to help our clients better communicate to their brokers and insurance underwriters so they are financial protected in the event of cyber incident.” - Laurence Jones | President, CyberSure LLC and President & Co-Founder, RiskVersity

About Brixey & Meyer

Brixey & Meyer is a CPA and consulting firm that continues to offer a strategic mix of value-added services. Each service line is focused on growing your business & moving it forward. To learn more about the services that Brixey & Meyer provides, please visit

About RiskVersity

RiskVersity is a minority-owned risk management consulting firm. They help clients identify, embrace and/or transfer risks. RiskVersity enables organizations to proactively manage exposure to risk which promotes long-term growth and stability. To learn more about the services RiskVersity provides, please visit

We look forward to sharing more as we grow!

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