The JobsOhio Inclusion Grant is Here

    Posted by Kari Brooke on Oct 12, 2020 3:40:40 PM

    JobsOhio Inclusion Grant

    The JobsOhio Inclusion Grant has been getting off the ground the past month and may provide up to $50,000 in grant money for eligible projects.

    What employers are eligible?

    • Ohio businesses owned by underrepresented populations OR in distressed areas. An eligible business will have been open 1 year or longer and have annual revenues of at least $100,000.
    • Ohio is looking at geographic location, race, ethnicity, gender, veteran status, and disabled status to determine the underrepresented populations. Underrepresented racial or ethnic populations include Black or African-American company owners, Hispanic company owners, Alaska native company owners, and Pacific islander company owners. Women-owned, veteran-owned, and disability-owned businesses must be either certified as such or otherwise be able to verify that at least 51% of the business is owned, managed, and controlled by an underrepresented population.
    • Ohio is defining a qualified distressed community as defined by an index score of 50 or greater by the Economic Innovation Group, Distressed Communities Index. (Please let us know if you would like us to check your community for eligibility!)
    • Eligible employers must be creating at least one new full-time job.

    What industries should companies be engaged in to be considered for a grant?

    • Eligible employers should be in the following industries: advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, automotive, energy and chemicals, financial services, healthcare, food and agribusiness, logistics and distribution, technology, military and federal.
    • The following operations will be ineligible for this grant: restaurants, retail, salon and barbershops, doctor and physician offices, retail pharmacies, daycare facilities, drycleaners, and gyms and fitness centers.


    Do you think your company may be eligible to receive a grant based upon the information above? If so, please feel free to contact Kari Brooke at (513) 675-0848 or to discuss how we can help you with any questions about the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant Program.

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