Nonprofit BDO Update - Spring 2023

As a BDO alliance member, we get to pass along industry specific letters to ensure you stay ahead of in-depth updates and thought leadership in your industry. We want you to understand how your organization or organizations that you serve are impacted. 

In this Spring edition of BDO's Nonprofit Standard newsletter, BDO's thought leaders offer comprehensive advice for nonprofits as they navigate the following challenges and more:

  • A Focus on Nonprofit Lease Considerations under ASC Topic 842
  • The Great Resignation, Talent Shortages, Inflation, Recession...
  • Pay Transparency - Is Your Organization Ready?
  • The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: New Incentives for your College or University 
  • Endowment Woes! Navigating the Nuances With Endowments

As always, #TeamBrixeyMeyer is always here to help! If you have additional questions on any of the topics included in the newsletter and would like to learn more, please feel free to leave a note below or contact us HERE.

<<< Click HERE to read the Spring Edition >>> 

Interested in the Winter Nonprofit Newsletter? You can check it out HERE.

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