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    The 12 Things I Wish I Knew As A College Athlete

    Posted by Ryan Hawk on Aug 27, 2018 9:59:05 AM


    Be sure to check out the full & original article HERE.

    College athletes have recently asked me "what do you wish you would have known (and done) while in college?" In order to be better prepared for those conversations, I realized I had a few regrets (primarily for not taking action when I had the chance). My goal was to make sure the people I met with knew this so perhaps they wouldn't make the same mistakes.  

    While the advice was originally meant for college athletes, I quickly learned that it could apply to anyone. Here they are:

    • Learn to speak in front of people
    • Learn how to sell
    • Write great papers
    • Seek out mentors
    • Develop curiosity
    • Visit your professors
    • Build real friendships with your teammates
    • Be smart on social media
    • Be known as someone who speaks positively behind someone's back
    • Remember your fundamentals 
    • Focus on continual improvement

    You can read the full article and more specifics on each piece of advice HERE

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